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Virtu Supply Srl was established in 2008 with the aim to create a Made in Italy revolutionary and innovative product for the hosting market and the personal care sector. To this end CotònPashà was created.

It is a registered trade mark owned by Virtu Supply Srl.

Since the beginning there have been no compromises in the research of raw materials and the company has availed of the most prestigious consultancies for the development of this project. No corner cuttings, just the willing to make the most suitable choices for a very ambitious mission.

Researched innovation has led to extraordinary results also concerning printing solutions which allow product customization at a very low cost and feasible also with very small quantities. The market has immediately replied with great enthusiasm and nowadays CotònPashà is a high quality reference, environmentally friendly, in the wet wipes field.

The company is currently developing new automation processes which will determine a production capacity of considerable importance. We never stop improving our product and this company attitude is repaid by the even more flattering consents coming from the market.


Exclusive dental sector distributor

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